Koho’s Great Adventure

Koho’s Great Adventure #001:

Our heroes Galaxy Girl and Cosmo crash land on an uncharted ice planet,
where they meet the friendly old comet, Kohoutek…

Koho’s Great Adventure #002:

After enjoying some frozen treats, our heroes Galaxy Girl and Cosmo decide to go on an adventure with Old Kohoutek…

Koho’s Great Adventure #003:

After a successful launch, our heroes leave behind Koho’s icy home,
well on their way to uncovering the mysteries of the green star…

Koho’s Great Adventure #004:

As our heroes approach Koho’s mysterious green star,
it’s clear that not everything is what it seems…

Koho’s Great Adventure #005:

As our heroes politely accept Solar-Ovatron Tom.0’s freshly burnt muffins.
Koho realizes his green star filled dreams are completely shattered,
but could this be the start of the real adventure?

Koho’s Great Adventure #006:

After complimenting Tom.0’s baking and impressively green robo-tan,
our heroes continue on in search of Crystal Canyon on the nearby desert planet.

Koho’s Great Adventure #007:

After wandering in the desert moonlight, our heroes discover a small village.
This might be a good place to ask for directions to Crystal Canyon…

Koho’s Great Adventure #008:

Apprehensive at first, the locals quickly warmed up to our three heroes.
Local Boy: “You look funny.”
Cosmo: “Well, you look like a bunny.”

Koho’s Great Adventure #009:

Excitement builds as our heroes grow closer to their crystalline destination.
On this strange and wonderful planet, what will they find next?

Koho’s Great Adventure #010:

After traveling through the Hudu-Yudu Rock Stacks,
our heroes come across another surprising formation.
Koho’s new favorite ride, the Rock Arch Swing!


Koho’s Great Adventure #011:

Our heroes have finally made it to the fabled Crystal Canyon!
It looks like any ordinary canyon…
Until the sun peeks over the mountaintops!
But now the natives are restless;
why are they so worried about a little sun?

Koho’s Great Adventure #012:

The heat continues to rise as our heroes return to the village.
But that’s when they realize…
It wasn’t the sun the natives were worried about!

Koho’s Great Adventure #013:

With the villagers in grave danger,
what can our heroes do to stop this horrible sand monster from gobbling them up?

Koho’s Great Adventure #014:

Galaxy Girl and Cosmo now have the monster’s attention,
let’s hope the rest of the plan works…

Koho’s Great Adventure #015:

Our heroes are cornered! Is all hope lost?
Is it the fate of our heroes to be consumed by a raging sand monster?
What has happened to our melting comet friend Koho?


Koho’s Great Adventure #016:

With his friends in imminent danger,
Koho swings into action.



Koho’s Great Adventure #017:

“It’s a bird!”
“It’s a meteor!”
“No! It’s Koho!”

Koho’s Great Adventure #018:

Our heroes Galaxy Girl and Cosmo somehow survived!
The sand monster is destroyed, but at what cost?

Koho’s Great Adventure #019:


Our heroes mourn the loss of their courageous and icy friend;
and for the first time, clouds embrace the desert planet,
forming a gentle mist.

Koho’s Great Adventure #020:

A strange new sound;
the pitter-patter of raindrops inspire some locals to run and hide,
while the young and bold join hands to dance.

Koho’s Great Adventure #021:

Sweet smells and new life spring out of the dusty sands on the tiny desert planet.

Koho’s Great Adventure #022:


With the bloom, the first annual Koho Sun Dance begins!
As our heroes celebrate the triumph of their dear friend,
the locals spring and jump with joy.
On this harsh and bleak world, life flourishes.

See you next time, Galaxy Girl!

To be continued…

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Written and Illustrated by
Anisi Baigude and Hunter Hackett

©Anisi Baigude and Hunter Hackett